Arden Harrison-Bushnell is a self-styled artist. Since entering her first juried competition in 2010, as of this post, she has won 14 prestigious awards for her endearing, magical fiber art.

Arden’s journey into the field of fiber-art has been one of overcoming obstacles. Just months after debuting as a songwriter/performer at the Ordway Studio Theatre with her husband in the late 1980s, her promising musical career was dashed by a negligent driver.

Today, she is continuing her mission to bring “hopeful” art to others, while re-establishing her passion for songwriting and writing all-original musicals.

Harrison-Bushnell creates art from pure imagination with an original technique that incorporates quilting, embroidery and beadwork while maneuvering fabrics for special effect.

Each piece takes 3 to 6 months to complete and ‘bring to life’, all by hand and with delicate care. Each piece is float-mounted with custom wood frames and high quality “Optix” acrylic glaze for UV protection.

Her fiber art has been exhibited at The Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Center, Minnetonka Center For the Arts, Hopkins Center For the Arts, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, The American Swedish Institute, the Marsh, Wilcock Gallery and more. Her fiber art has been installed at St. Paul Children’s Hospital & Clinics, Make-A-Wish Foundation Minneapolis, Redleaf Center for Family Healing (Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis), and East Hennepin Clinic (as part of the “From Ashes To Art” project).

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“My wish always is to make something beautiful, even through difficult times, and bring a sense of wonder and joy to those who view it. This is a wish I hope can continue to come true.”

“The art I create today is symbolic of my efforts to ‘begin again’, in a positive way after a car accident. At first starting with small panels decades ago to my largest  piece, ‘Fabric of Life !’ which is approximately 5 feet by 6 feet in size. There is no question that music and art ‘in concert’ constitute some of the passion in my life.”

Animal Kindness
Nile’s Peaceful River
Nedra’s Garden
Hope Is Our Song

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This Table Together
Silk Horses
Hopeful & Unbroken
One Song, One Dance, One Olive Branch
Dove Of Peace
Fabric Of Life!
Joyful Garden
Nature’s Splendor
Angel Arms
Magic Toybox
Ice Dancers
Once Upon A Pond
Winsome Winter
Little Black Dresses
Painting Caterpillar
Dog Park